Remote IT staffing

Hard-work will never be a cliché, but smart work is the need of the day. Smart entrepreneurs are using virtual assistants as their top-secret weapon to save time & resources, to outperform the competitors by a head-long. It is vital to avoid the unnecessary expenditure and efforts, and this can be done by delegating the routine tasks and eliminating the procedure of hiring full-time staff.

We at Maintec aim to aid, help entrepreneurs save time by scaling repeatable processes with an army of human assets. Maintec has a bountiful list of thoughtful and professional personnel who look after your business. They’ll meet deadlines with commitment, follow instructions, get things done with precision and make your whole life easier. Your task is our mission. Just delegate it and consider it done. Gone are the days when owners used to worry about absenteeism or retention; all thanks to the remote staffing model.

Remote IT Staffing

At Maintec, our virtual assistants are cross-trained by superiors on live projects before receiving a client’s project, this to make sure we live up to the expectations and fulfil our commitment to excellence.

Most organizations consider Mainframe systems as their primary and strategic business platform. The continually growing industry is demanding more and more skilled resources to manage the IBM Mainframe systems. At the same time, the recruitment challenges and shrinking talent pool are jeopardizing the Mainframe industry. Lack of Mainframe oriented career training in educational institutions and insufficient training facilities in the IT companies are posing serious challenges to the Mainframe staffing requirements. Maintec provides a comprehensive solution to these staffing challenges with our Staffing services on an on/offshore model.  

What Maintec offers?

Maintec’s IT staffing services offer the hassle free way of recruiting qualified and trained offshore resources in IBM Mainframe platforms. With Maintec’s reliable and cost effective staffing solutions, global organizations can avail the best mainframe talents for offshore or onsite job requirements. Our Mainframe staffing services help freeing up customer organizations from overhead tensions of hiring, training and recruiting resources for critical Mainframe services.

Benefits of Maintec’s IT Staffing Services

  • Technically skilled and trained resources
  • In-house trained resources with our proven curriculum (HTD)
  • 24*7*365 availability covering night shifts, weekend and holiday shifts
  • Increased organizational efficiency and flexibility
  • No overhead tensions of recruiting training and infrastructure cost
  • Pay only for resources not for managing them
  • Significant Reduction in Cost
  • Direct access to remote staff through email, Skype, VOIP or video conferencing
  • Efficient reporting procedures to monitor productivity and results
  • Immediate replacement to address attrition
  • Extremely secure services –with RACF security administration

Maintec's Procedure

Maintec follows a strategically planned and process driven approach in selecting the right candidate for our client organizations. Our remote staffing service is based on a high end, turnkey and non obligation solution -Hire Train and Deploy (HTD). With HTD program, Maintec follows an excellent screening process to find the right fit resource for client organizations’ specific business requirements.

  • Select the right candidate based on qualification aptitude test and technical assessment test
  • Assess the communication skills
  • Provide high end training by Subject matter Experts from global business destinations
  • Thoroughly gauge the client organizations’ technical requirements
  • Deploy the best resource matching with the client’s project requirements

Maintec provides resources for undertaking the graveyard shift mainframe operations of global organizations. Competent Mainframe professionals available for working in the second, third shifts, weekend and holiday shifts at an optimum cost is the highlight of our graveyard shift services.

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With our Mainframe industry knowledge, up to date Mainframe infrastructure and thoroughly trained resources, we aim to provide a virtual extension of your organization offshore in India.
Maintec’s highly reliable and cost effective remote staffing solutions empower global organizations to be more competitive, cost effective and flexible.


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