Remote IT Staffing

Organizations have benefited from the remote workforce approach in the context of shorter turnaround times, productivity improvements, and lower total operational expenses. The practice of recruiting an individual who is qualified enough to accomplish your company operations remotely is known as remote staffing. Remote staffing frequently entails scheduling interviews with candidates to determine if they are a good fit for the company. It’s critical to prevent squandering money and time, which can be accomplished by outsourcing regular duties and removing the need for full-time employees.

We make it simple to add additional remote talent to your organization in these unpredictable times. Allow our team of seasoned staffing experts to act as your ready remote recruitment partner. We recognize that recruiting remote personnel can be an increasingly complicated procedure for some businesses. At Maintec, Upon acquiring a client’s assignment, our recruiters are cross-trained by superiors on actual projects to ensure that we meet their expectations and uphold our commitment to quality.

Companies have great aspirations and are becoming more reliant on remote work since the need for remote temp employment has expanded considerably. We work hard at Maintec to make sure you and your team feel empowered and prepared to adapt to the quick changes you’re going through. We provide you with unrestricted access to a broader skilled workforce. So whether they reside down the block or far across the globe, we’ve got the competent individuals you’re looking for.

Remote IT Staffing
Remote IT Staffing
Benefits of Maintec’s Remote IT Staffing Services

Maintec has been creating a recruitment database, allowing us access to the skilled remote workers for your business requirement. Global enterprises can access qualified candidates for overseas or local work demands with Maintec’s dependable and cost-effective staffing solutions. Since you’re recruiting employees to work for the organization, you should go with the top remote staffing agency. And one of the key focuses should be excellence. Only the finest remote staffing service can provide you with this. We’ve been serving businesses in finding the top personnel for quite some time as a remote staffing service.

One of the most important aspects of a growing business is hiring great employees, which is why we provide the following benefits to assist you in building your remote team:

  • 1Technically skilled and trained resources
  • 2In-house trained resources with our proven curriculum (HTD)
  • 324*7*365 availability covering night shifts, weekend and holiday shifts
  • 4Increased organizational efficiency and flexibility
  • 5No overhead tensions of recruiting training and infrastructure cost
  • 6Pay only for resources not for managing them
  • 7Significant Reduction in Cost
  • 8Direct access to remote staff through email, Skype, VOIP or video conferencing
  • 9Efficient reporting procedures to monitor productivity and results
  • 10Immediate replacement to address attrition
  • 11Extremely secure services –with RACF security administration
Maintec's Procedure

Maintec follows a strategically planned and process driven approach in selecting the right candidate for our client organizations. Our Remote IT staffing service is based on a high end, turnkey and non-obligation solution -Hire Train and Deploy (HTD). With HTD program, Maintec follows an excellent screening process to find the right fit resource for client organizations specific business requirements.

  • 1Select the right candidate based on qualification aptitude test and technical assessment test
  • 2Assess the communication skills
  • 3Provide high end training by Subject matter Experts from global business destinations
  • 4Thoroughly gauge the client organizations’ technical requirements
  • 5Deploy the best resource matching with the client’s project requirements

Maintec provides resources for undertaking the graveyard shift mainframe operations of global organizations. Competent Mainframe professionals available for working in the second, third shifts, weekend and holiday shifts at an optimum cost is the highlight of our graveyard shift services.

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A partner with a contract which could be as basic as a simple network monitoring agreement, or to take over the management of field technicians and staff as well.

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