Disaster Recovery

With emerging technology driven business models, continuously reducing margins and growing competition, there has been an massive increase in the number of enterprise applications that can be defined as ‘mission critical’. Business today demands exacting standards of reliability and availability from your IT applications.

To adapt to the changing business environment, your Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy needs to evolve quickly. You need DR systems that are not just effective in handling complex adverse scenarios, but can also proactively assess your DR needs on a continuous basis. Read More..

Disaster recovery

Maintec’s comprehensive suite of DR Services, backed by world-class infrastructure and end-to- end managed services, ensures that your mission critical systems continue to be available and responsive under the most adverse of circumstances. We help you build and manage a robust DR system that you can trust, ensuring that your customers and partners never feel a difference in your quality of service.

What is Disaster Recovery?
As businesses have become more reliant on high availability, the tolerance for downtimehas decreased. A disaster can have a devastating effect on a business. Studies have shown that many businesses fail after experiencing a significant data loss, but DR can help.

Recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) are two important measurements in disaster recovery and downtime.

RPO is the maximum age of files that an organization must recover from backup storagefor normal operations to resume after a disaster. The recovery point objective determines the minimum frequency of backups. For example, if an organization has an RPO of four hours, the system must back up at least every four hours.

RTO is the maximum amount of time, following a disaster, for an organization to recover data from backup storage and resume normal operations. In other words, the recovery time objective is the maximum amount of downtime an organization can handle. If an organization has an RTO of two hours, it cannot be down for longer than that.

Services offered for Disaster Recovery on i:

Constant Replication (HOT Recovery)
For all the mission critical IBM i applications which have critical RTO and RPO we recommend a High Availability (HA) system with constant replication. We at Maintec provide DR Sites where the data shall be constantly replicated to our DR Site with the help of the replication software. In the event of disaster, the HA/DR instance will be taken over with minimal outage. The outage in this case shall be for few minutes to an hour.

Online Backups (WARM Recovery)
Maintec Online Backup solution for IBM i (AS400, iSeries, i5, System i) involves a save of your IBM i Production server to an on-premise Virtual Tape Drive at our data center. The initial save shall be followed by a periodic daily changeto a data vault in Maintec data center. In the event of disaster, we shall be able to take the data vault and restore the data to an IBM i server. The outage in this case shall be for 6 - 24 hours.

Tape Recovery (COLD Recovery)
Maintec Tape Recovery solution for IBM i (AS400, iSeries, i5, System i) involves saving the Customer’s data in a fireproof vault at our data center. On a periodic basis Customer's would send us the complete system save backup tape to the Maintec data center for storing and recovery purposes. In the event of disaster,we shall be able to take the backup tape and would be building your LPAR on an IBM i Server. The outage in this case shall be for 24 - 48 hours.

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